Know Your Zone

Gardening 101 – Know Your Zone.

Basically, the country is divided into “Hardiness Zones” and they matter.

The zones are based on weather and indicate what plants will grow well in your zone and when.

To find your zone enter your zip code in the USDA hardiness zone map.

After this, research your zone to make informed decisions about what to plant in your garden and when.





You’ve Got to Start Somewhere


Knowing where to start with gardening can be intimidating since you could fail and kill every plant you come into contact with.

The best thing I did was take a beginning gardening course. The second best thing I did was check out a boatload of books from the library. The third best thing I did was start gardening.

My instructor said, “I’ve killed more plants than I’ve kept alive.” That being said, school yourself and go play in the dirt!

Start Here: Gardening Resource List

  • Local Extension Office (GREAT in-person & online resoruce located in every country & state)
  • Horticultural Societies (Classes/Events)
  • Library (Books/Videos/ Events)
  • College & University Horticultural & Agricultural Programs (Classes/Events/Online Resources)
  • Local Radio and Television (Garden Programs & Podcasts)
  • Google “Gardening Course/Event” in your zip code
  • LOCAL Garden Stores. The employees at these gardener centers are knowledgeable about your local area.
  • Pinterest




Welcome to My Garden

Stranger: “Dusty Miller? Did you know that’s the name of a flower?”

Me: “Yes! And it’s my favorite flower, well it’s more of a decorative plant, but a very popular plant… they’re everywhere.”

So, with that conversation on repeat, I’ve embraced my destiny to become a gardener. It’s a relatively new hobby and I’ve gone all in. Hope you find the information I chronicle¬† helpful for your garden. Enjoy the ride!


Planting 2015 Fall Vegetable Garden