You’ve Got to Start Somewhere


Knowing where to start with gardening can be intimidating since you could fail and kill every plant you come into contact with.

The best thing I did was take a beginning gardening course. The second best thing I did was check out a boatload of books from the library. The third best thing I did was start gardening.

My instructor said, “I’ve killed more plants than I’ve kept alive.” That being said, school yourself and go play in the dirt!

Start Here: Gardening Resource List

  • Local Extension Office (GREAT in-person & online resoruce located in every country & state)
  • Horticultural Societies (Classes/Events)
  • Library (Books/Videos/ Events)
  • College & University Horticultural & Agricultural Programs (Classes/Events/Online Resources)
  • Local Radio and Television (Garden Programs & Podcasts)
  • Google “Gardening Course/Event” in your zip code
  • LOCAL Garden Stores. The employees at these gardener centers are knowledgeable about your local area.
  • Pinterest




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