Good Books For Gardeners

Having a good gardening book is like having a good friend that’s there when you need them. In an unknown situation,  it’s nice to know they’re only a phone call text message away. These are my 3 favorite gardening books at the moment.



Repelling Mosquitos with Herbs

Are you ready for this? Your herb garden may be able to help repel mosquitos. BOGO!

The scent the herbs emit can be unpleasant for mosquitos and can distract them from being attracted to you. I am very interested in trying this out and will plant some of these herbs in areas where we sit outside.

Follow the links below on how to grow these mosquito repelling herbs. But of course, the best mosquito prevention is to “Stop Raising Mosquitos In Your Yard & Home.”

If You Ain’t First, You’re Last

Similar to knowing your hardiness zone, it’s also crucial to know your first and last frost dates. Gardening, especially vegetable, revolve around these dates.

Most seed packets or store bought plants will come with instructions based on hardiness zone and/or average first or last frost date. For your best chance of success, follow these instructions.


Seed Packet Kale
This seed packet instructs to sow outside 1 to 2 weeks before average last frost date.